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It's Fuckin' Pouring Out
So I'm curled up inside with a hot cup of tea, cheery shisha in the hookah, and shitty pop blasting, reading high school au's and feeling fuzzy feelings.

Who owns 65' Mustang and 67' Impala Matchbox cars now? THIS fangirl! Heck yes. In my mind, I'm pretending they're the cars from that one cheesy fic I read where Cas owns the mustang, and Dean is all, "Our babies are going to look so hot driving down the road together! It'll be like lesbian car sex!" and Dean and Cas will use them to drive off into the sunset!

Really, though, I wanted to post a sneak preview of the fic I'm fucking around with, for funsies, and because I can't get the mental image of a teenaged Cas in skinny jeans out of my head.

"It was the end of the first day of senior year. Dean was looking at the ground, when he saw the awesome shoes walking by a few parking spots down. They were high tops, bright purple checkered with black, neon green shoelaces, one of them precariously unraveling. He followed the legs up, black skinny jeans, displaying an ass that could only be described as created by God himself. He allowed his gaze to go higher and-
Holy shit. That’s a dude."

Also, I ran into a kid I went to high school with today, and he gave me this knowing look, and said, "I always think of you when I see Harry Potter." and that's when I remember that maybe I shouldn't have been so vocal about my support of Snarry shipping during English Class.